Project information

  • Project Name: EasiBoard
  • Category: Desktop Multitouch Application
  • Technology: C#|WPF|WinForms|XML
  • Developer: Sandeep Jadhav

Whiteboard Application (EasiBoard)

This Application is a complete replacement of traditional white boards in is used for Digital Teaching, Smart Teaching In addition to simple Features like writing, erasing, annotating, multimedia demonstrations. This software has unique functionality like 1. Inserting images as well as videos directly on whiteboard. 2. Multi touch operations 3. Voice recognition 4. shapes drawing 5. Endless canvas 6. Gestures Controls 7. Subject wise tools like Math, Chemistry 8. Auto text recognition 9. Text dictations 10. Advanced email facilities 11. Action Replay 12. Auto Updater 13. Project Licensing